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Once again, everyone may register online and there is no additional (convenience)  fee.  

We would appreciate everyone using the online registration form and submitting it online.

After you finish registering online you have the option of paying using PayPal, a credit card


Mail a check to The Freewheelers  c/o 1588 Willow Oaks Dr.  San Jose, CA 95125

Click here for a picture of the commemorative Tee Shirt for $22.00  

You may order during registration Deadline to order shirt is APRIL 1st 

PLEASE NOTE: We are having a little problem with registration and are working on it You might receive a notice that says it is "not connecting" or a random search page. Just Ignore it

Your registration is good and you will receive an EMAIL confirming it and the payment

If you would like to pay online using PayPal -or- a credit card

then register here by clicking the green button

If you would like to mail in a check then click the Red Envelope.

Here you will fill out an online registration form with name, food choices, and cars.

At the end make a note of the amount and mail in a check.


Note: your registration date is when your check is received.  

Make a note of the total at the bottom and make the check payable to 

The Freewheelers

Mail to: The Freewheelers c/o 1588 Willow Oaks Drive,San Jose,CA 95125

Questions email:

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